The ultimate Customer's in-store experience.

The wiiGO is an autonomous self-driven shopping chart, designed to help people carry their purchases.

The latest technology in image recognition enables the wiiGO to follow anyone, with or without reduced mobility, improving the customer’s in-store experience like never before.

What if you shopping cart
followed you eveverywhere?

Location-Based and User-Based Advertisement

The tablet displays the deals available in the aisle where shoppers are currently located. Retailers can effectively run a flash sales strategy while customers are in-store, displaying the right message at the right time.

Automate the most boring and inefficient tasks

Able to monitor out-of-stock items, low stock items, misplaced items, pricing errors and product expiration dates while the shopping cart navigate through the aisles.

Shopper Way-Finding

Ability to guide shoppers to the items they want or the deals they are looking for.

Leave Your Hnds Free

Let your shopping cart follow you around and automatically return them to the dock station once you check-out.

No Queue, No Checkout

Just throw the items in the cart and the camera will accurately tally the owned total using a high-tech object recognition system.

wiiGO Retail
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Introducing the first self-driven, customizable display.

The Curator can follow promoters, greet or inform your audience.

Based on the latest wiiGO technology, the Curator allows you to promote your brand, your content, in two customizable screens. Greeting and speaking, QR codes reading and ticket printing, you name it!
Base equipped with; Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Speakers, Cameras to allow environment awareness and recognition of users and audience.

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wiiGO Curator

Improving Business like never before.

Solution for the transport of objects and goods using new sensor and navigation techniques.

Able to follow an operator, easy and safe object transportation, powerful help on restocking.

3D image recognition and indoor localization based in natural features, complete 360º environment recognition.

Able to autonomously follow a predifined route.

Instant digital mapping based on computer vision. No changes required on the existing infrastructure.

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wiiGO Logistics