We are an innovative
technological company

Our knowledge on hardware and software in the fields of robotics, image recognition and artificial intelligence allows us to develop leading-edge technologies for retai, industry and services.

We believe technology helps making things possible.

Our mission is to deliver innovation through new technologies in order to improve businesses and people’s lives.

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Technical Skills
Hardware & Software

  • Multi-Robot System
  • Navigation, Mapping and Control
  • Computer Vision (3D, Stereo, RGB, etc.)
  • Multi-Sensors Control
  • PCB Prototyping
  • Embedded System Design and Programming
  • Image Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • C, C++, ROS, QT
  • Robotics Simulation
  • Interactive Multimedia Development

Your projects
made reality

Our skills combined can make your project come to reality

  • Automation Solutions
  • Robotics
  • Interactive surfaces
  • Touchless interfaces
  • Mobile app

Awarded Technology

1st Place WINUBI 2011

1st Place Do Something Prizes 2011

2nd Place (Honorable Mention) ISCTE-IUL MIT

Portugal Venture Competition 2011

3rd Place Imagine Cup International in Sydney 2012

1st Place INOV C Business Plans in the Competition of Ideas and Business Plans Arrisca C 2012

1st Place Imagine Cup Portugal 2012

Finalist Imagine Cup Grants Microsoft’s YouthSpark 2012

Winner of the International Prize Altran Foundation for Innovation 2013

Winner of the National Award Altran Foundation for Innovation 2013

1st Place StartmeUP – National Award for Entrepreneurship 2013

wiiGO TOP 3 – EYE50 – c2MTL (Montreal – Canada) 2013